We are currently seeking a friendly, smart, hard-working, experienced salesperson to join our team. Experience as an artist, event planner or merchandiser is a plus!

Applicants should have a flexible schedule and be available to work at least 3-5 shifts a week (including weekends), 20-30+ hrs/week. We are looking for someone available to work closing shifts during the week, and must also be available to work Sundays.

Though we believe previous sales experience is a plus, we also very much believe in training and will definitely be reviewing/teaching to City & State's standards of customer service and product knowledge. We are also looking for applicants that show strong leadership and the potential to expand their awesomeness into new responsibilities.

The position we are currently hiring for is not for everyone. If you read through this description and feel energized, or get jazzed to complete the slightly odd questions in the application, then this job might be for you.

Before reading further, check the below:

  • If you cannot work mid-day and weekends, please do not apply
  • If you’re not game for learning new skills such as eCommerce and digital marketing, please do not apply
  • If you do not truly appreciate craftsmanship and high-quality goods, you probably shouldn't apply
  • And if you are not a genuinely cheerful, optimistic, outwardly friendly person, guessed it, please do not apply

We only say this because we want you to be happy where you work and we want to be happy working with you!

If you think that you might like to work with us and that you would be a good fit for what we are currently looking for, we would love for you to find more information about us, and download the application below...



Are you personable and genuine with people, customers and co-workers alike? Can you be focused on making people feel good even when you're having a less-than-stellar day? Are you good at connecting with people, reading faces/body language and empathizing?

Do you like to make stuff? Are you inventive, creative or artistic? Do you appreciate (or make) some kind of art, or design, or craft? Do you look for beauty in your life?

Do you have a favorite brand or product? Maybe you love it because of how it was made, where it’s from or what it does? Could you wax poetic about that product and what makes it stand out above the rest? Could you do it in 10,000 words? How about five? Do you find yourself getting excited to share it with others? Would you consider yourself a strong storyteller?

Would you like to learn about craftsmanship and makers? How denim is sourced and crafted into jeans? What it takes to be a 100 year old company that has remained true to its roots? What it means to follow your passions and create goods that are truly unique? Really?

Are you curious about how things work, how things can be improved? Do you like to read (or at least look stuff up on wikipedia)? Do you like to share what you learn, to teach others?

Can you take responsibility for your work? Do you take pride in a job well done? What about the not-so-glamorous jobs, like loading inventory, and cleaning the bathroom, can you do those too?

Can you be on your feet for long stretches without pooping out? Are you dependable? Can your co-workers rely on you?

And finally, do you plan on sticking around a while? Cause it might take you a while to become a kick-ass storyteller and salesperson. If you made it this far though, we think you might be awesome!


To us, a storyteller is someone with training, respect for, and pride in, the highly-specialized craft of making great products. They go beyond selling goods to telling the makers’ stories and teaching customers why the process and materials matter.





  • Engaging customers and surpassing their needs
  • Thorough knowledge of the brands and products carried, with an ability to share that knowledge with others clearly and with genuine passion and appreciation
  • Ringing up sales
  • Assisting customers with sizing and fit of clothing
  • Maintaining the store environment, displays and inventory
  • Social media marketing and management
  • Resolving unmet customer concerns
  • Cleaning and closing responsibilities




  • Assisting with the eCommerce store, including inventory management, order fulfillment, product descriptions and photography
  • Storytelling through digital channels and in store displays
  • Scouting for new makers and products
  • Serving as support at the coffee counter as needed


Retail Job Application

Please email your completed application to

We are located at 2625 Broad Ave. our hours of operation are below:

Mon-Fri 7:00am - 5:00pm
Sat 8:00am - 5:00pm
Sun 8:00am - 2:00pm *must be able to work Sundays

We hope this is the start of a beautiful relationship! If you are unable to submit the application via email, please contact us to schedule a time for an in-person drop off.



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